The Museum of Computing  is the tangible result of a new cultural project of the computing heritage that has been launched by School of Computer Science (ETSINF) of the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) since January 2012.

Our museum is the result of a dedicated group of workers in the ETSINF like the director Eduardo Vendrell, the deputy director of culture, Diego Álvarez, support staff and technicians who work in our college, as well as teachers who have also taken part in various ways. The person in charge nowadays is the teacher Xavier Molero.

Last year students of the ETSINF have actively contributed as interns in this project: José María Segarra, Jordi Magraner, Cynthia España, Carla Martínez, Francisco J. Guerra, Rocío Alegre and Juan Cortés. Moreover, Daniele Ferrante has collaborated in the improvement of the signposts of the museum and Julie Galea carried out the French translation.

On the other hand, teacher Jorge González is responsible for the technical part of the workshop Museo en Vivo, Abelardo Codoñer delighted us with excellent photographs of the museum, and the good work of the journalist María José Rodríguez allows that our cultural activities and educational offers reach every part of society.

Finally, thanks to all the donors for their generosity. They are constantly supporting the museum funds and with that, they help us to preserve a significant part of our computing heritage. This heritage belongs to everyone.

To all of them and to our visitors, THANK YOU!