Have you ever wanted to know how a computer was programmed in the 80s? This is your chance!

Museu en Viu

The Museum of Computing and ACM UPV Chapter invite you to attend a conference where you could learn to program with an operative AMSTRAD CPC and be able to know all its curiosities.

Have you ever heard of “poke“? Do you know what a “charger” is?

We are convinced that this experience will enrich your training as computer engineers as well as you enjoy being in the shoes of a BASIC programmer from the 80s.

Naturally, after finishing this workshop you will be able to answer the questions above.

We will be waiting for you on Thursday, February 20th at 12:30h at the Meeting point of the Museum of Computing in the Hall of 1E Building.

Limited places, do not forget to register in the application form you can find HERE.



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