Scratch Workshop for Elementary and High School

Scratch Workshop for Elementary and High School

For this summer UPV is offering different courses, among them “Scratch Workshop for Elementary and High School” from27 to 30 June, 2016.

This training is addressed to Elementary and High School teachers, and it does not require specific knowledge. This workshop emphasizes the learning process of necessary skills called ‘computational thinking’ (computational thinking) applied to the approach and resolution of different problems through software development. Scratch allow creation of interactive stories, games and animations, its environment enables combining objects, graphics, video, sound as well as order sequences and sharing your own creations with other people online. Since 2007, this environment has been developed at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) by Mitchel Resnick team, and nowadays it is used by million people all over the world who share and reuse their projects.

Course methodology is highly practical, and it is focused on management of Scratch programming environment, but also on the approach and development of little projects which illustrate the Scratch programming environment’s scope of application to the field of Elementary and High School, highlighting ‘physical programming’ which stablish interaction of programs with the outside world by means of microphones, camcorders or sensor boards like Picoboard.

Topics to develop:

1. Computational Thinking for Everyone
2. Scratch Programming Environment: Setting and Characters
3. From Computational Thinking to Programming
4. Interaction with the Outside World
5. Physical Programming with Sensor Boards Picoboard
6. Project development for Elemmentary School
7. Project development for High School
8. Development of Educational Projects

For more info check out the following LINK.

Hurry up! Deadline is 20th June!!!