Pages Imbued with Computing and its History

Pages Imbued with Computing and its History

Presentation of the book “Un viaje a la historia de la informática” together with a temporary exhibition and challenges for ETSINF community.

Building 1G of the Higher Technical School of Computer Engineering, ETSINF, presents from Friday, 9 December “Un viaje a la historia de la informática” in the form of an exhibition, in order to present the recent publication with the same name. It is an initiative of the Museum of Computer Science of UPV ‘which dives into the wonderful and varied ocean of computing history’, as the book indicates.

This collective journey through Computing History has been coordinated by Museum of Computer Science and with the generous collaboration of the large experienced teaching staff: Álvaro Domenech, Xavier Molero, Jon Ander Gómez, Gabriela Andreu, Silvia Terrasa, Jorge González, Vicente Santonja, Andrés Marzal, María José Castro , Pablo Aibar, Juan V. Oltra , Pedro López, Antonio Martí, Martín Mellado, Miguel Sánchez y José Duato.

IT as ‘science of unlimited sciences’, as the Rector of Polytechnic University says, Francisco Mora, in the prologue of the publication, a glimpse to the past but also to the future.

In the introduction Eduardo Vendrell, Director of ETSINF, explains that ‘this book reflects what the Museum transmits by means of its activities and exhibit materials’. Along thirteen chapters a guided tour takes place ‘it reviews milestones, genesis, and evolution of computers, operating system and programming languages, large systems and microprocessors, applications and developments’ texts that ‘helps to decipher the magic of daily life’.

The book is available for free download in link you can get also the printed edition for 6 EUR in the Hall (Building 1G) while the exhibition is still in force.

Some of the starring objects of the book emerged from its pages, and they will remain displayed in Hall (Building 1G) from 9 to 22 December, as a sample of the different collections housed at the Museum of Computer Science.

In addition, two free sweepstakes have been organized in order to allow the participation of students, lecturers and UPV staff.

Sweepstake 1: >: To calculate the weight (in grams) of a hard drive which is on display in the exhibition.

Sweepstake 2: To calculate the number of years of each element in the exhibited ballot box, which contains videogames, magazines, computers and other elements.

Three better results on each sweepstake will be provided with a copy of the book which leads the exhibition.

Museum of Computer Science in UPV has been actively involved in conservation and dissemination of computing heritage since its creation back in 2001. It has also a twofold mission, not only raising awareness among society ‘of fundamental aspects of computing understood as scientific discipline’ but also ‘to boost critical examination of the role of societies’ development on our planet’ as Xavier Molero (lecturer at ETSINF and director of the Museum of Computer Science) says in the preface of his book.

  • Exhibition: “Un viaje a la historia de la informática
  • Venue: Building 1G ETSINF UPV
  •  Date: from 9 to 22, December

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