RetróPolis Valencia – 2nd Edition #RPV2017

RetróPolis Valencia – 2nd Edition #RPV2017

The Higher Technical School of Computer Engineering becomes sepia-toned again to celebrate II Edition of RetróPolis Valencia, you will undertake a technological journey back to the conventional computer technology with old-time flavour. Retrópolis Week starts next Monday with guided tours through the Museum of Computer Science of UPV, there will be a lot of activities during the next May on Monday 15, Thursday 18 and Saturday 20. Retrópolis will take place in the third week of May, linking into the cultural life of ESTINF, after centre cultural week and its participation in Luis Vives’ Forum Universitario. The event will end on Saturday 20 May, with an open doors schedule for the general public.

Retrópolis consolidates itself in the retro national scene. Its content will bring us to the seventies and eighties’ IT background, this includes an artistic exhibition with a critical vision of the image of women in video games industry, which will be invigorated through this week by a specific hastag in social networks and a conference about the topic. The conference program also has a presentation about FPGAs Implementation, in collaboration with the subject Digital Systems Design from the Computer Engineering Degree on Wednesday, 17 May from 12.30pm to 14.30pm. There will be some other activities organised by the Museum of Computer Science, like Scratch Workshop or Retrocomputing Workshop.

Activity programme on Saturday, 20 May:

10h30 – Conference by Gustavo Aranda revolves around indie development about Sega DreamCast game console. Gustavo is the dean of Game Programming Studies in ESAT Valenciaes and indie Video game developer, for over 15 years he has combined his work in video games industry with teaching and research.

11h45 – Guided Tour of the Museum of Computer Science.

12h45 – Conference by José Tejada about history of video games music through technique. José is a Senior Microelectronics Engineer from UPV. He now works as analogical designer in Analog Devices, Paterna’s premises. He created about ten patents and the author of several articles from international symposiums about image sensors and low-power electronics.

15h00 – Conference by Carlos Gracia Garzón about Japanese standard regarding microcomputers or MSX. Carlos, computer expert, amateur anthropologist of pop culture and retro collector, he is passionate about retrocomputing and video games since its inception in the seventies, he refers to them as ‘not just an entertainment, but maybe a new way of knowledge’. Author of the book “Héroes de silicio: Una cosmología del videojuego”, which will be published by GamePress, Spanish publishing house in the field of video games.

16h30 – Conference by Rafael Corrales, assisted by Daniel Celemín and Juan Delcán via videoconference. They will talk about the recent stamp collection of ‘The Abbey of Crime’, a Spanish video game, on its 30 anniversary. Some members of the Asociación de Usuarios de Informática Clásica (Association of Classic Computer Science Users), promoters of this milestone, will detail curiosities regarding graphic design of stamp crease, available-for-sale, physical features, etc.

18h00 – Conference by RetroBytes Productions, indie development studios author of Space Moves, tribute to one of the most emblematic 8bit sagas of Spanish video games. Among their ranks, names as Toni Ramírez, computer programmer and CPCRetrodev2015 Prize winner, Álex Layunta, studio’s founder and responsable from graphics of this new version, and José Antonio Martín, composer from La Edad de Oro del Software Español, creator of video games’ music of Dinamic well-known as, Rescate Atlántida, Risky Woods, Astro Marine Corps, PC Fútbol, etc.

But that is not all, Retrópolis Valencia 2017 will pay tribute to the 30 anniversary of Spanish company Topo Soft, there will be classic video games tournaments, flea markets, and our solidarity contribution courtesy of a non-profit organisation ‘Videojuegos x Alimentos’ non-perishable food for second-hand videogames, this food will be donated later to Banco de Alimentos de Valencia. You can participate from now on to May 20th donating videogames of whatever platform, PC or video game console, modern or classic video games. These video games and those brought from ‘Videojuegos x Alimentos’ could be exchanged on Saturday 20th May for essential goods.
Retropolis is organised by the Museum of Computing Science of ETSINF and it is promoted by the Área de Actividades Culturales (Area of Cultural Activities) of UPV. It will take place from May 15 to 20 on the permanent exhibition space of the Museum of Computer Science (Building 1E) from 10am to 8pm.

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