Donate, Learn Y Collaborate!

As you may know, MUSEUM OF COMPUTER SCIENCE, which is legally recognised by Generalitat Valenciana, is working hard to preserve and disseminate the cultural heritage of the Computer Science.

Thanks to the effort of all members of ETSINF team (PDI, PAS and students) we are trying to awake vocations among high school students. More than 4.000 students students have visited our facilities, and it is for sure that a good proportion of them will come back to became students of ETSINF.

We want to inform you that this year the Museum of Computer Science wants to kick-start a CALCULATING DEVICE’s exhibitionused through history composed of several objects such as: abacus, calculation rules, math tables (logarithms, trigonometrical, commercial, etcetera), adding machines of any type (mechanical, electronic), operation manuals, devices advertisements, etcetera.

To do this we need your help.As you know, museum’s funds come from donations either individuals or institutions. That is why we are asking for your collaboration making a DONATIONof any item of this nature.
As a gesture of appreciation, this will be publicly recognized by the museum in both its web page and the permanent exhibition ( In any case, the Museum of Computer Science commits itself to estimate, preserve, study and disseminate all donated material.

Furthermore, if you are interested and you want to take part in the activities organized,feel free to contact us at, we will be pleased to help you and to count on your support.

Join us and contribute, everybody wins!