Sustainable Ticket

The museum has implanted the SUSTAINABLE TICKET initiative. This ticket is mandatory in order to gain access to the museum.

The students have to bring electronic waste to gain access to the Museum: electronic devices, computers, small electrical appliances, printers, screens, CDs, DVDs, mobile phones, chargers, batteries, wires, etc. Any ‘RAEE’ is welcome in order to raise people’s awareness of the importance of recycling and working on the issue of electronic waste. The Museum of Computer Science together with Environment Unit of UPV will arrange this initiative.

It will be absolutely essential for performing any type of workshop or guided tour.

How will it be carried out? The first stop at the beginning of the workshops or guided tours will be at any clean point of Building 1E in the Higher Technical School of Computer Engineering (ETSINF). There, after getting some important information about how to recycle this sort of items, each one will recycle their own items. Before, teacher staff have to provide a document template to the person in charge, it should be available for download on the following links, this document will be filled with all recycled items.

Downloadable File PDF Downloadable File DOC