I Retro-programming Competition


Do you like challenges? Do you want to put yourself in the shoes of an 80s or 90s programmer? Next 7th of May you have an appointment in the ESTINF in the first Retro-programming Competition aimed to students of the ESTINF and organized by the Museum Live, of the Museum of Computing. The competition will start at 15:00h, at which time there will be turns of 90 minutes in which participants must resolve the maximum number of challenges possible. The scoring of each participant will be the sum of the scores of each achieved challenge. The winner will be the one who has more points.  The competition originates after the exit of the Retro-programming workshop call organized in the College in February. The venue will be the Museum Live, 1E Building and there is a limited number of places. Registration is via email by requesting the participation to the responsible of the Museum Live, Jorge González, jgonzalez @ dsic.upv.es . We are waiting for you on Wednesday, 7th of May at 15:00h at the Museum Live in 1E building. Limited places, do not forget to register via email. More information about the Competition and Retro-programming is available on the web of the Museum of Computing

  • Name: Retro-programming Competition.
  • Participants: Students of the ESTINF (limited places).
  • Date and hour: Wednesday 7th of May at 15h. Half an hour turns (each participant will have this time to try to sum points. Once this time has expired, next group of participants will enter).
  • Place: Museum Live, 1E Building.
  • Registration: jgonzalez@dsic.upv.es (Jorge González – Responsible of Museum Live).