Scratch Workshop: information and protocol to follow

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To join the Scratch workshop it is required to make a prior appointment via email, specifying clearly in the subject Solicitud taller de Scratch – Name of the center or organization and including the next information:

  • Name of the educative center or organization that makes the request
  • Responsible/s of the group, contact telephone, and ID number of one of the responsibles (IMPORTANT for reservation purposes)
  • Certification (CSE, Bachelor, Educational Cycles) and academic year
  • Number of students, names, surnames and IDs (IMPORTANT for reservation purposes)
  • Preferred language (Valencian/Spanish)
  • Knowledge of Scratch (the workshop could be realized without previous knowledge of programming or scratch)

puntoVGroups are limited to a maximum of 40 people (2 per computer). The Scratch workshop lasts approximately 2 hours and includes a brief presentation, the projection of a documentary about the importance of knowing how to program nowadays, and the explanation of the Scratch platform, a tool which easily allows familiarizing with programming and its environment. At the same time, it will be presented simple activities that students will be able to resolve by using Scratch, as the creation of games or animations. The Scratch workshop starts at Punto de Encuentro located at the entrance gate of 1E building. There is no need to have previous knowledge of programming or Scratch tool. All that is needed is motivation and curiosity for learning.