Museo en vivo: information and protocol to follow

The Museum Live is the didactic proposal that the museum offers to its visitors to immerse themselves in the world of the first home computers and its uses. The visits to the Museum Live are conceived as a workshop with a ludic part. In detail, students use microcomputers from the 80s (Amstrad, MSX) which are yet operating, to study the functioning of short programs in BASIC language and also to play with videogames of that time.

Due to the singularities of space conditions and to the nature of the work material, the museum appeals to the responsibility and the good use of this material and its facilities in order to preserve the equipment for future visits.

To join the Museum Live visits it is required to make a prior appointment via email, specifying clearly in the subject “Solicitud taller Museo en vivo – Name of the center or organization” and including the next information:

    • Name of the educative center or organization that makes the request
    • Responsible/tutor of the group and contact telephone
    • Certification (CSE, Bachelor, Educational Cycles) and academic year
    • Students experience on programming
    • Number of students

The Museum Live room admits a maximum of 16 people (2 per workstation). For largest groups we suggest to divide students, for example, in two groups and to establish an order; in this latter case, it will be necessary more than one teacher/tutor. The duration of the visit to Museum Live will be proposed by the responsible/tutor of the students group depending on his/her needs. The museum will receive its visitors at Meeting Point located at the entrance gate of 1E building.

For this kind of visits, it is desirable that students have previously studied and practised the bases of the BASIC programming language. It will also be interesting to know some of the most remarkable characteristics of Amstrad (models CPC 464 and CPC 6128) and MSX microcomputers. For this reason, it is important that the teacher/tutor determines which activities will take in class before visiting us.