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Notícias y artículos con video

The edition of the UPV News of the 17/6/13 includes, among its outstanding contents, the recognition of the Museum of Informatics of the UPV as official museum of the Valencian Community. Link to the informative newsletter:


Report of the EFE Agency about science and technology “Get back to play Spectrum in order to see the evolution of computing” focused on the activities performed by the Museum of Informatics. Link to the new:

The newspaper Las Provincias includes among the news related with the Valencia Community, one dedicated to the Museum of Informatics highlighting the cultural value of its exhibition. Link to the new:

Report of Canal 9 about the Museum of Informatics.


Extract of the program “Not an ordinary day” of Spanish National Radio of the 20/12/2014 in which focuses the computing history and the technologic evolution.

Program “This sounds to me” of Spanish National Radio of the 10/12/2014 in which, among other issues, deals with the origin of the QWERTY distribution presented on the majority of current keyboards.

La Verdad (Murcia-Alicante):