We are sure you used it before but, can you tell what a captcha is and what is behind its design? What would you think if you saw a fly stuck with a tape to a Programming notebook? Do you still think the Internet has always existed? Come and work in our educational activities. You could make the most of the visit and you will have more knowledge of the past, present and future of computing.

The educational activities of the Museum can be made by any type of public. You can make it either individually or in a group. Moreover, we have taken into account that students from ESO and training cycles could do them so they can be used by their teachers.

These activities deal with concepts related with the development of computing and the relationship between computing and society. The activities are thought to be made in two specific times. First, before the visit so you will get familiar with the context and terminology of Computing. Second, after the visit so you can reflect on the experience and the knowledge acquired in the Museum.

¿Qué es la informática? ¿Cómo puede ayudar a la sociedad? Más videos sobre la ingeniería informática desde el canal de YouTube de la CODDII

You can download our activities or you can access here on the website: