Presentation of BitsenFemení instalation with Felisa Verdejo

This month the Museu d’Informàtica premieres the installation of a mural with the motto BitsenFemení on the first floor of the ETSINF UPV building 1E, this mural shows the prominent role of women in the development of computer engineering, which is collected from of the experience of 15 women related to computing, their biographies and achievements. On June 22, the installation was inaugurated in which the professor Felisa Verdejo, the director of ETSINF, Silvia Terrasa, the Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Pepe Galindo, the director of the Museum of Information Technology, Damián López and the designers of this mural for the Museu d’Informàtica : Isabel, Ivana, Judit, Iris, Natalia and Mar.

Visit the mural and discover these decisive women in the development of computer engineering…

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New mural on the history/evolution of storage

In this month of June 2021, a new mural on the history / evolution of storage systems was painting on one of the walls of the ETSINF corridor in building 1B. The mural has been painted by the students of the subject of Painting and Environment of the 4th Grade of Fine Arts, coordinated by professor Juan Canales and designed by the student Agustín Rodríguez.

In the words of Damián López, director of the ETSINF UPV Information Technology Museum, “the ideas regarding what type of graphic content could be incorporated have been changing, the first proposal made two years ago to Juan Canales was to work around the figure of Ada Byron, last year the pandemic paralyzed the execution of the planned project and finally in this edition they have been able to count on Agustín‘s project”.

The criteria for evaluating the proposals were: didactic nature, presence of the timeline and visualization of the pieces, so that together with their artistic profile they had a pedagogical use, during visits to the museum. The design has taken into account the gray environment and endowed it with bold colors that serve as a counterpoint and make the space appear larger now.

This mural on the history of storage systems is a permanent installation of the Computer Museum at the Escola Tècnica Superior d’Enginyeria Informàtica and joins other murals that provide art and informative content on the walls of the buildings of this center.

Visit it and take a photo with the storage system that you liked ….

Designer: Agustín Rodríguez Martínez (Gus Martínez)

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Entrevista al diseñador: Gus Martínez