Retrópolis Valencia

Retrópolis Valencia is a non-profit event whose purpose is the dissemination, promotion and preservation of the culture of video games and classical computing, both of the equipment marketed during the arrival of computing in the domestic and family sphere as well as the software developed , inside and outside our country, the fruit of a video game industry that was taking its first steps.

Likewise, it is intended to offer a meeting space that is attractive to development groups and fans of the world of retrocomputing.

And finally, the visitor is provided with an incomparable setting for cultural and recreational exchange with the new generations, bringing together various artistic and technological manifestations around retro machines and video games.

Previous editions

Retrópolis 2023
Retrópolis 2022
Retrópolis 2019
Retrópolis 2018
Retrópolis 2017
Retrópolis 2016