Classic Videogames with Scratch

Samuel Villaescusa Vinader

In this section of the museum made by Samuel, five of the most iconic video games in the computing history are included. Users can enjoy them at the same time that they learn or improve their skills.

These videogames have been created in the programming language Scratch, what it means that users can comment their opinions about the videogame in a specific space. In addition,there is an interesting option called “reinvent” where the user can have access to the source code Jand see how the game has been made or add new functionalities. If do you want to know more about the scratch videogames push the following boton.


 Miguel Marqués Moros

This is the second part of the section created by Samuel. In this section three of the most known video games of the history are included so everyone can enjoy them and learn at the same time.

These video games have been installed in the programming language Scratch. Previously, tasks to know more deeply these video games has been made. Besides, Scratch has an interactive community for users. In it, users share their video games allowing others to get programs from their video games. There is an option called “reinvent” to avoid starting all over again in the programming.