Activities Offer

Activities offer of the Museum of Informatics, currently you can make a reservation for any of the workshops both for the general public (minimum 15 people) and for groups of students of high school.

Important: In the Public Key and Zero Knowledge workshop the reservation is only possible on Wednesday mornings. The Retroinformatics workshop starts at 11:30 am.

The link to the form to book a workshop is: Page to sign up for activities

For more information, contact: activitats.museu @

Guided Tours

Vintage Informatics

Programming Workshops

Criptography and Cryptoanalysis workshops

Cyber awareness (NEW)

To take in consideration by teachers:

  1. As a public museum, our resources are limited. Despite that, we invert tons of illusion, dedication and effort to try to improve our society education, awake vocations and teach good citizens.
  2. Not paying money to enjoy our activities does not mean that making them is free. We request our visitors a Sustainable Ticket in form of RAEEs (electrical and electronic waste pieces) as a little gesture with our planet’s future.
  3. The activities last, approximately, two hours and they have no break during them. That’s the reason why we request the complicity and the participation of teachers acting as responsibles in the process of booking the activity as well as during it. We expect from teachers the maximum degree of cooperation and punctuality on the visit day.
  4.  In those workshops where computers are used, UPV’s cybersecurity policy requires the identification of each one of the participants in the workshop (name, surnames and ID). The museum will request this information to the person in charge of the visit with the proper advance so credentials can be obtained without any problem.
  5. Before the visit, we strongly recommend to work on the area of the workshop booked in class, so students can develop the workshop without problems. Some classroom activities can be found here.
  6. The museum has the right to cancel any activity not fullfilling all the requisites above.