El disseny dels records

On Wednesday, May 11, 2022, in the exhibition area of the Escola Tècnica Superior d’Enginyeria Informàtica (ETSINF), espai.inf (ground floor building 1E), the exhibition “El disseny dels records” was inaugurated in which they collaborate the Museu d’Informàtica, l’ETSINF and the Creari research group of the University of Valencia (UV).

It is a sample of 20 artistic installations, in which the students of the Faculty of Teaching have reflected on memories, memory, learning and technology, all taking into account that Valencia is this year, world capital of Design . The exhibition is curated by Ricard Huerta, Professor of Artistic Education at the UV and Daniela Gil, vice-director of International Relations and Culture at ETSINF. It has the collaboration of the research artist Ramona Rodríguez, a specialist in sound art.

Temporal exposition at espai.inf

As part of the contents of RetróPolis Valencia 2022 #RPV2022, this year we have set up a temporary exhibition to pay tribute to The Golden Age of Spanish Software, with a collection of banners as information panels on various key figures in the development of that time of creative and cultural explosion. In addition, the exhibition is completed with a program of audiovisual projections that will serve to offer a more dynamic perspective of the aforementioned exhibition. Specifically, in the mornings we will screen the documentary “The Golden Age of Spanish Soft” (Digital Satellite Channel C:) while in the afternoon the documentary film “Micro Men”, produced by the BBC, will be broadcast as a posthumous tribute to Sir Clive Sinclair (along with the 40th anniversary of his ZX Spectrum), who would thus offer the breeding ground to make that “Golden Age” flourish in our country.



The Museum in Twitter

The Museum of Informatics of the UPV opens its Twitter account @MuseuInfUPV for broadcasting their activities and news on social networks. A daily publication of this account will be an event related to world of computers, Informatics and Computer Science.

We encourage you to follow us and retweet our content. If you want to provide any information related to our topics, we encourage you to cite us and interact with our account.


Presentation of BitsenFemení instalation with Felisa Verdejo

This month the Museu d’Informàtica premieres the installation of a mural with the motto BitsenFemení on the first floor of the ETSINF UPV building 1E, this mural shows the prominent role of women in the development of computer engineering, which is collected from of the experience of 15 women related to computing, their biographies and achievements. On June 22, the installation was inaugurated in which the professor Felisa Verdejo, the director of ETSINF, Silvia Terrasa, the Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Pepe Galindo, the director of the Museum of Information Technology, Damián López and the designers of this mural for the Museu d’Informàtica : Isabel, Ivana, Judit, Iris, Natalia and Mar.

Visit the mural and discover these decisive women in the development of computer engineering…

Read the complete new in Spanish: https://www.inf.upv.es/www/etsinf/es/presentacion-de-la-instalacion-bits-en-femeni/