Hello, we are Jana, Silvia, Ana, Andrea and Luz, designers of this installation of the Museu d’Informàtica of the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

We are all aware that electrical and electronic appliances are essential in our daily lives, but what about them once they no longer work or become obsolete? Extending their useful life and being aware of all the alternatives that exist to be able to give them a more appropriate and responsible use is in our hands. For this reason, we have created these infographic panels in which you can discover how to adapt the well-known “three r’s” to electronic waste.

In addition, you will discover what we call “the ERRRE QUE ERRRE movement” to be part of it, come and visit the exhibition (remember, bring your electronic device to recycle in order to obtain the pass). We will wait for you!

View the videos we have created for this installation: