II Session Bits en Femenino

Around hundred of people attended the 2nd edition of “Bits en femenino: women in computer science” last Friday. Students of the School of Computer Science, professional computer engineers, teachers and ESO students took part in the conference.

First of all, the School of Computer Science director, Eduardo Vendrell, explained the reason and the aim of the meeting which wants to consolidate in the School year after year.

After that, the Museum of Computing director, Xavier Molero, with four students of the school, described the different role of women in the history of informatics. More specifically, they talked about Ada Byron, ENIAC programmers, Anita Borg, Rosa Peter, Fraces Allen, Carol Shaw or Felisa Verdejo, among others.

This is the video of the first meeting:

Later, some of the attendees took a guided visit in the Museum while a group of students and professionals debated about the present and the future of the activities as computer engineers like applying for a job, internship, more wanted profiles and topics in which working women told the students throughout questions and answers.

Among the attendees to the work agenda were representatives from the Júcar Hydrographic Confederation, the multinatinoal Edicom, the start-up Bitsnbrains, the Corts Valencianes and the Department of Health. Later, Marta Rivas, marketing director of the IBM in Spain, and Blanca Gómez, HR director of Iberian Microsoft, participated in the conference.

You can access the conferences of the representatives of IBM and Microsoft:

More information about the Session is also available in the UPV media, here: http://www.upv.es/noticias-upv/noticia-5782-bits-en-femenin-va.html