The Jury has Decided the Winner of the First Digital Photography Contest: Bits en Femenino

The Higher Technical School of Computer Engineering (ETSINF) of Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) has chosen the winner of the Digital Photography Contest organised last March, the deadline was last April 29.

The topic was: IT needs women to invent the future, it was addressed to High School, Upper-Level Training Cycles and ETSINF students.

There were four categories included in the competition, according the contest rules. The jury met today and they decided to rule categories I, II and III out, and to grant the only award to the IV category.

  • The picture above has been awarded with the prize of IV category José Matías Cano Aguilar is the author and the title: “Navega con tu inspiración sin rozar el suelo, flotando sobre tus dedos” (Sail with your inspiration without touching the ground, hover over your fingers).

The aim of the first Digital Photography Contest: Bits en Femenino, is to make visible women in IT industry, to raise awareness among young people and university community of the women engineers’ low rate, and also disseminating Computer Engineering from a female perspective.

Prize delivery will take place on May 8 at 14:00pm in centre’s management department (3rd floor, Building 1H).

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