Une histoire de l’informatique

Original Title: Une histoire de l’informatique
Author: Philippe Breton
Publisher: CATEDRA
ISBN: 9788434708181
Review: How IT was born? How we have passed through Ancient dreams about fantastic creatures to such an extraordinary evolution of contemporary computers? How and how much present-day culture has change? Philippe Breton tries to find the answer to this and some other questions through a global approach to history of this technique, and a rigorous analysis of social and ethic risks that it involves. It is written for all sectors of society, it covers both technical questions from newcomer readers worried about the impact of new technology, and also concerns from the specialist who ignores his own assimilation process inside modern society. Philippe Breton is an investigator inside the Scientific Researcher and Study Group of the Louis Pasteur University Strasbourg I, he is also Computer History lecturer at Strasbourg II University as well as consultant in Communications Department at the Quebec University in Montreal.

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