Space Invaders


  1. Press the green flag to start the game and the red button to finish.
  2. Press “play” to start the game. Once you are playing, there will appear objects to improve the spaceship. You can only obtain one object per game.
  3. Once you have finished the game, press “score” to obtain the highest score as well as the score of the last game.
  4. In the instructions you could find all the information you need to play.


Space invaders was created in 1978 by Toshiro Nishikado. He was a designer in the Taito Corporation. The video game was a massive success and it marked the beginning of the genre known as “shoot ‘em up”.

Toshiniro thought about including humans as enemies although he considered it was immoral to create a video game where you could shoot people. After reading a magazine about Star Wars, he decided to use aliens in his video game (the aliens were based on crabs and squids).

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