1. Press the green flag to start the game and the red button to finish it.
  2. Press “player 1” to play against the computer. The default difficulty is “easy” but you can change it to “normal”.
  3. Press “two players” to play against a friend (in the instructions are the keys for each player).
  4. In the instructions you could find all the information you need to play.


The pioneer in the world of the video games was Ralph Baer. In 1968, he registered a patent of what it would be the first interactive video game on TV. In 1971 the first arcade game was built: “the Computer Space Machines” with the game “Computer Space” designed by students Ted Dabney and Nolan Bushnell. Thanks to this, Bushnell thought of the possibilities he would have if a game like that could reach to the public. So in 1972, he founded the company Atari with Dabney and they revolutionized the market with the game “pong”.

There is a story about the first Pong arcade game. Bushnell tells that the owner of the bar called him and Ted because the machine looked like it stopped working. When they opened it to see what was wrong, they saw that the container where the coins were, was full and that did not allow the game to start.

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