Super Mario Bros


  1. Press the green flag to start the game and the red button to end it.
  2. Press “play” to start the game.
  3. Press “instructions” to see the instructions of the game.
  4. Press “credits” to see the game credits.


The video game has not been recreated faithfully on Scratch. There is only one level created by the author to show the adaptation of this game into Scratch. Besides, to make it more difficult, the player only has one life.

To access the page where the video game is, you can go to this link –> Super Mario Bros


Super Mario Bros is a platform game launched by Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). It was developed and published by Nintendo in 1985. It is considered the best platform game and an icon within this genre. The player controls Mario Bros who was to rescue the princess kidnapped by the king Koopa. For that, Mario will have to go through all the kingdom looking for her.

The video games was created by Shigeru Miyamoto and Mario will soon become the image for the Nintendo Company. Currently, there are uncountable games about this universe created by Miyamoto and it is the best-selling saga in all the world.


The player controls Super Mario who has the mission to rescue the princess. While doing that, the player will have to confront the dangers in each level.


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