Breaking Codes. Life and Legacy of Turing

Title: Breaking Codes. Life and Legacy of Turing.
Author: Manuel de León y Ágata Timón
Publisher: Catarata
ISBN: 9788483198858
Review:This book attempts both to draw the life of British mathematician Alan Mathison Turing, and going over his major achievements. Alan Turing was certainly one of the most brilliant Scientifics of 20th century, and his work laid the foundations of what we know today as informatics. Turing was a decisive figure in WWII, since the end of the conflict was accelerated by his cryptographic work, he breached the security of German communication breaking the codes of Enigma machines. His life was not made any easier by the fact that he was a homosexual. He was pursued and condemned for his sexuality, which clashed with strict moral codes of British society at that time. To this day, his tragic death by poisoning remains an unsolved mystery.

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