The origin of Public-key Cryptography

This workshop shows the mathematic foundation of the asymmetric cyphering systems used in nowadays computers. Through some practical activities we will explain differences between public and private key, Kerckhoffs’ principle, Diffie-Hellman algorithm and we will try to break them. This workshop requires the visitors to have some mathematical concepts clear (factorisation, prime numbers), so it is recommended for undergraduate students.

Alan Turing and the Enigma Machine

Know all the aspects of the life and work of the british mathematician Alan Turing, one of the fathers of informatics. This workshop focuses in the Alan Turing’s role during WWII as a cryptoanalist of the encrypted messages of the German Force. Visitors will act as cryptonanalysts and will know how Enigma Machine worked as well as use it to encrypt and decrypt their own messages. This workshop is recommended for people of all ages.

Classic Cryptography workshop

In this workshop we teach, in a fully practical way, some of the most known methods in message encryption. In addition, we introduce the mathematical basis of cryptoanalysis. This workshop is recommended for those looking forward to introduce themselves into the cryptography world.