1. Press the green flag to start the game and the red button to end it.
  2. Press “play” to start the game and then you can choose the difficulty among “novice”, “normal” or “advanced”.
  3. Press “instructions” to see the instructions of the game.
  4. Press “credits” to see the game credits.


Frogger was born in the amusement arcade in Japan by Konami Company in 1981. It will have an early success so the company SEGA/Gremlin will take it to the United States. Frogger was one of the video games that marked the start of the golden era of the video games.

After its success and the rise of game consoles at home years later, there will be a sequel but it won’t be exclusive for arcades but for video consoles and personal computers. Currently, there are uncountable versions of the game on the internet due to the love that the players community have and also because the game has been neglected by Konami.


The player has to manage a frog with its family. For that, it has to cross the road and the river. Watch out with the cars and the water. The player has four lives in each round to save four frogs. After the previous round, it increases the difficulty.

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